PCCables.com, Inc. Welcomes Purchase Orders (PO's) from Corporations, Governments, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

  • To Setup Net 30 Account Send Credit Infomation to sales@pccables.com

  • Net 30 Accounts have a $50.00 minimum purchase amount. Credit Card PO's Accepted.

  • If you wish to place an order using a PO
    1) Email to sales@pccables.com
    2) Fax the Purchase order to 1-954-418-0835
  • We will confirm via the same method PO was sent in.

    Important: Please make sure to write your contact email address on PO.

    Call 1-954-418-0817 or email sales@pccables.com for more Information.

    Click Here for a Copy of Our W9 Form